Reference Values for Audits Performance PDF Print E-mail
Dimensioning the audit days (valid for suppliers* and subcontractors)
Number of employees on the plant Audit duration (Initial, Maintenance or Requalification)
Until 10 0,5 man/day
From 10 to 50 1 man/day
From 50 to 75 1,5 man/day
Above 75 2 men/day

*Regarding the direct retail suppliers, it will be necessary more than 0,5 man/day, beyond what is provided on the above list, to validate the informed subcontractors' list.


Dimensioning the days of Monitoring Audits of Corrective Action Plan
(valid for suppliers and subcontractors)
The Qualification Body will dimension the necessary time for this monitoring, which might vary*: From 0,25 to 1 man/day

* It depends on the quantity and type of corrective actions.


Value man/day: R$ 1.436,00 + taxes
(Updated on June 30, 2017)
  • Travel expenses/offsets will be charged separately;
  • Time of offset and report preparation are included on the above rates of man/day;
  • In case of more than one company is installed on the same plant, the preparation of each report will be charged apart (by CNPJ). The hourly rate for the report preparation is R$ 125,00.

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