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ABVTEX performs several institutional actions, including, among them:

  • Contacts with Industry and Trade Department and its several bodies in order to defense the bureaucracy reduction in the importing process;
  • Support to the Internal Revenue’s work in adopting supervision measurements, with the aim to suppress fraudulent under-invoicing in the nationalization process;
  • Along with the Trade and Services Department, it participates in the Permanent Forum of Micro and Small Textile Industry Companies for the development of this sector;
  • As speaker along with the Abit (Textile Industry Brazilian Association) for the national industry competitiveness improvement, in collaboration with the IDV (Institute of the Retail Development);
  • Development of the Suppliers Certification – ABVTEX, for the productive chain development and awareness of aspects connected to the social responsibility;
  • Partnership with the Ethos Institute, in actions both of social responsibility and corporate governance;
  • Monitoring and propagation of textile segment data;
  • Creation of work groups between associated companies to enable the development and continuous learning to promote trainings and to make the human resources adapted to new and modern developed practices;
  • Participation in workshops and conferences connected to the textile chain development.

Endereço: Rua Cayowaá, 1071  conj. 54 – cep 05018-001 - São Paulo - SP
Tel/Fax: +55 11 2533-0034
Email: abvtex@abvtex.org.br