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Suppliers Certification – ABVTEX

Participation in the qualification program which aims to support social responsibility actions of the textile chain.

Work Groups and Sector Committees

Involvement in working groups of the association which accomplish actions both punctual and directed to priorities of the segment.

Participation in Permanent Forum Committees of Micro and Small Companies of the Department of Trade and Services of the Development, Industry and Foreign Trade Ministry.

Legal Council

Legal support to sector demands and clarification of new legislations and their applicability.

Press Office

Constant release of the Clothing Textile Retail segment, in order to keep the media and general public aware of all actions, needs and other related services.


Reception of a daily clipping containing articles published on the National media about Textile Retail Companies, clothing industry, similar associations and others.

Monthly reception of ABVTEX Indicator Reports and COMEX report, prepared by the IEMI.


Endereço: Rua Cayowaá, 1071  conj. 54 – cep 05018-001 - São Paulo - SP
Tel/Fax: +55 11 2533-0034
Email: abvtex@abvtex.org.br